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The key to thriving in the future is through creativity, finding new ways to use technology to interact to the world.
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Hi, I’m
Oberaifo Udoh
Entrepreneur, Economist, Strategist, Business Management Consultant, Wealth Management Advisor, Panafricanist & Humanitarian

With about two decades in Enterpreneurial and Business Management experience, Dr Oberaifo Udoh has largely distinguished himself as a beacon of hope in Nigeria`s vast growing young Entrepreneurial space .

Esan by tribe from the popular Ikekhuabhen Udoh family,a lineage of the Great Afuda clan, the family of the Iyasele from Emua quarters, Emu, Esan South LGA, Edo State . Evidently born with some innate abilities not far fetched from his primordial historical family inherent characteristic of the original Iyaseles as known in Edo people with traits of great leadership, highly intellectual, strong character, disciplined, dependable, diligent, real action taker, conscientious, good confidant, sincerity, practicality, an amazing mentor and he showed experience whilst being young. Popularly called “Odo`nebholo” in Esan meaning a “Nationbuilder”. Being a huge believer in human capital development, good teacher, amazing mentor, natural healer, compassionate being and an empath that carries around a heart that tends towards championing the course of Humanity. Oberaifo Udoh Has shown early signs of where he was headed even while in Primary school .  He is today A renowned Entrepreneur , Economist, Tech Leader, Strategist and Business Consultant specialist in Business Management , Business Strategy & Leadership,Digital Transformation and Technological Revolution, Start-up & Growth Strategy, B2B Relationship and Business Innovation.

At Edo State University Primary(EDSU Staff School), Ekpoma,Edo State(Now AAUPS),where he had his early start In education . He had stood out as one of the most brilliant pupils finishing with a distinction at a young age.His leadership qualities as a young man earned him the position of a Senior Prefect as a primary 6 student .His exceptional skill and talent made him one of the most prolific young footballer to have emerged from his school at that age who later went on to represent his local government and Edo State during this period.Due to his talents he was registered to Pepsi Football Academy where he was projected to leave for Belgium as a young kid to play career football due to his exceptional qualities, but for the insistence of the parents that he must finish school that opportunity was declined . In addition to this were his outstanding intelligence, as he learnt and spoke French as a kid, later became the President of the French club, Head of the School`s Debate and Quiz Society,Fine Art and Social Club where they went on to win so many competitions across the state and country. Coming from a very religious family he was fully involved in religious activities of his Church the God`s Kingdom Society(GKS). He was a staunch member and believer in the values, principles and doctrine of the church which refined him during his formative years as a person .Thereafter  he later held key positions of leadership as a Child all through his University studies top most of which he was a Student Fellowship leader at AAU Campus and also became the Vice Chairman GKSSF(God`s Kingdom Society Student Fellowship, Nigeria and Abroad).

In no time soon after the completion of his Primary six he got admitted into University Secondary School(USS), later called AAUSS. Whilst there, his academic prowess eventually manifested in the excellent result, he made in West African School Certificate and National Examination Commission(NECO) examinations. With a relatively close knit, noble , principled family built on strong traditional values by humble parents who cherished good education, Oberaifo`s parents ensured he got admission to study in Ambrose Alli University where he first got enrolled for the pre-degree studies. Driven by his passion to serve Humanity and create a better world, He later got admission into Medicine and Surgery .

From the humblest of beginnings, Oberaifo Udoh emerged with an unwavering commitment to uplift his people, his community, and humanity as a whole. Born into the crucible of poverty where he had joined his mother in her business, hawked water and vegetables in the streets of Ikekogbe, Ekpoma where he once lived with his parents as a kid in a semi-completed building, he understood firsthand the struggles faced by those around him, igniting within him a deep-seated passion for change and innovation.

From enduring leaky roofs in a semi-completed building during rainy season amidst poverty, Oberaifo's journey began. Witnessing firsthand the struggles of his parents, their battle against poverty fueled his burning desire for change. Now, his vision is clear: to build a real estate empire that offers shelter and hope to the poor, middle class, and marginalized, tackling the housing deficit one home at a time, all while serving humanity through creating opportunities for the youths, empowering others, and addressing pressing issues in his communities like unemployment and societal challenges.Throughout his journey, Oberaifo's brilliance, versatility, and drive have shone brightly, guiding him through the most challenging of circumstances with unwavering resolve. Even as he pursued his studies in Medicine and Surgery, his entrepreneurial spirit burned fiercely, driving him to seek solutions to the diverse challenges facing society.

Fuelled by a growing passion for entrepreneurship and a desire to tackle global issues head-on, Oberaifo made the bold decision to chart his own path, eschewing the conventional route of working under others in favor of building something from the ground up.

Oberaifo's journey is a testament to the transformative power of determination and the boundless potential within each of us to effect positive change. His story serves as an inspiration to all who dare to dream and strive for a better tomorrow, reminding us that even in the face of adversity, the human spirit knows no bounds.


With unwavering passion and determination, Oberaifo Udoh embarked on a journey of self-discovery and entrepreneurship. After his first MBBS in Medicine and Surgery, he chose to follow his entrepreneurial dreams, transitioning to Medical Physiology and earning his B.Sc degree from  same in the College of Medicine. Upon graduation, he proceeded to the compulsory National Youth Service Corps.

In the pursuit of his ambitions, Oberaifo gained invaluable experience in the midstream sector with Shidko Petroleum Nig. Ltd in Warri, Delta State, where he honed his skills as a marketer and operations head under the CEO who was his mentor and an industry veterans. Motivated by his desire to make a positive impact and provide opportunities for others, he established his first company, UOPD Afrique Nig Ltd, and ventured into the oil and gas marketing arena in partnership with established players like Shidko Petroleum Nig Ltd.

Through dedication and continuous learning, Oberaifo acquired multiple certifications and licenses in oil and gas marketing, distribution, and maintenance, further enriching his knowledge and expertise in the field. As a natural leader and people person, he shared his insights and forged partnerships, empowering friends and associates to become successful business leaders themselves.

Driven by a commitment to excellence and innovation, Oberaifo utilized crowd-funding strategies and built trust within the business community to secure funding for capital-intensive projects, demonstrating his ability to overcome challenges and achieve success in the face of adversity.


The barrier to become a major Oil & Gas marketer was quite high especially with the ever changing government policies coupled with his fair share of struggles as a growing business who was ambitious to excel . To address these issues, prepare him for the journey ahead and also guided by his team of mentors, He went ahead to take a course in Certificate for Entrepreneurship Management(CEM) at the Lagos Business School,Pan Atlantic University and where he also obtained an MBA. This amidst multiple other trainings and certifications in business management, corporate governance, business innovation & technology, he gradually divested and ventured into real estate .

As a young businessman who was very ambitious to excel and solve human problems via entrepreneurship  , he had his fair struggles starting up his real estate business . He went into partnership with his then mentor, international businessman and real estate mogul who was the CEO of Jafcon Home Development Ltd,a fast growing real estate company in Lekki,Lagos where he learned the trade secrets, ensuring their expansion under his tutelage and also boost their sales in a win-win situation making them the fastest growing real estate company in Lagos. Thereafter he then launched his real estate company Vines Integrated Investment Company Ltd, which formed another partnership with ATCO Real Estate Company, this partnership birthed the new company called ATIFOX REALTY. Atifox Realty having achieved its aim to acquire properties in choice and fast developing areas, build strategic partnerships went apart and a new partnership to construct, manage, market same was formed with Pella Homes & Properties. From this experiences and business relations, Vines Realty Afrique ltd was birthed. It is important to state that over these years he has also established, partnered or co-established several companies, mentored a lot of persons to set up businesses whilst also gaining recognition for his business etiquettes, skill and success.


This was when he proceeded to the Lagos Business School to acquire the Certificate of Enterpreneurship Management(CEM). He also has recently proceeded to pursue a Master of Business Administration Degree in University of Gloucestershire , specialising in Business Strategic Management. He also garnered a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration from Prowess University USA. Being a tech enthusiast with a very innovative mind, industry disruptor and one who is open to continuous learning, he had also further acquired skills in Business Strategy, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Computer programming, Blockchain, Business Analysis, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning & programming, Cyber Security, Digital Operations, Integrations and Process Innovation.  A believer in PanAfricanism, public speaker, Opinion Leader, Poet and Humanitarian.

He is the Group Managing Director of VINES REALTY AFRIQUE LTD an international multi-billionaire real estate enterprise in Lagos Nigeria with branches in USA and over 21 estates and has served thousands of Nigerians especially the low and middle income bracket. Alas,one of his childhood vision was achieved.

As a partner and Board member of CD STUDIO, Oberaifo Udoh plays a pivotal role in driving global MSME growth and fostering business advocacy. Together with his Indian-based partners, he spearheads initiatives that support small business ideas, connecting them with international investors and seed capital. This collaborative effort not only facilitates the expansion of businesses built around emerging technologies but also attracts foreign direct investment to our government. Under his guidance, CD STUDIO has experienced remarkable growth, expanding its presence to branches in the USA, Canada, South Africa, and Qatar.

He is also a licensed Business Development Service Provider by SMEDAN(Small Medium Enterprise Development Association of Nigeria) where he has won several awards. He is the founder and Group Head of TRAVELY GROUP NIGERIA LTD, Lead Consultant OBERAIFO UDOH CONSULTS LTD and VINES ADVISORY AND CONSULTANCY LTD. He is owner OBERAIFO UDOH FOUNDATION and the President EDO ARISE INITIATIVE.


In his words “As a dedicated servant of the people, my journey has been defined by a relentless commitment to fostering positive change and progress in our beloved Edo State. With a background rooted in Enterpreneurship, Business Management Executive, Tech Leader & Business Innovation Expert, Real Estate, Oil & Gas and also MSME Growth Enablement. I have garnered invaluable insights into the intricate dynamics of governance and the aspirations of our fellow citizens. My vision is anchored on principles of inclusivity, transparency, and equitable development, and I am steadfast in my resolve to harness the collective will and ingenuity of our people to build a brighter future for generations to



Oberaifo have been fortunate to experience a journey that has shaped his values and commitment to public service. From his early days in Ekpoma, Edo State  to his achievements as a reknowned Enterpreneur where he has established several companies and nortured ideas inspired by his watchword “HUMANITY FIRST”, which have not just helped to shape how he choose to see the world, but have bettered lives, created, managed directly and indirectly over 50,000 mass employment at various capacities, giving Nigerians a reason to live, but also shaped the course of peoples existence. Having received multiple recognitions, awards and having being key board members of several companies both locally and international. Every step has fueled his dedication to making a positive impact in our beloved State.


A renowned Entrepreneur, International Businessman, Global and SMEDAN Licensed BDSP, he has been privileged to set up, lead, serve, mentor and teach thousands of business owners both as individuals and as groups. Currently, he is one of the consultants to Mastercard Foundation in a project which is targeted at growing over 200,000 MSMEs.

He has also mentored young women in the “Women In Tech Incubation Programme by Standard Chartered Bank & EDC Feb 2022 where two of his mentees were successful winners.


As a trailblazer,a young visionary leader committed to human capital development and nation-building, he recognizes the critical need for GOOD LEADERSHIP in driving our collective progress. Oberaifo Udoh`s candidacy embodies the promise of transformative leadership that leverages experience and skills in fostering start-up growth, nurturing human capital, and championing entrepreneurship as a catalyst for bolstering Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) for sustainable community development. This approach not only addresses poverty alleviation but also unlocks opportunities for robust job creation, particularly for our vast youth demographic grappling with unemployment challenges. Together, we can harness the potential of our people and resources to usher in a new era of prosperity and empowerment for all.

Good Leaders are born and True Leadership is inherent, but GOD GIVES POWER , through the people.

He is running for the GOVERNORSHIP ELECTION of Edo State come 2024 because He believes in the limitless potential of Edo State.
As part of his vision for Edo State , as a servant leader who truly wants a better future for Edo people , He is excited to bring a perspective, approach, energy, contribute his strength , knowledge and proficiency towards the growth and development of Edo State,Nigeria and Africa at large.

His intention to run for governorship stems from a deep-rooted conviction that the time for change in Edo State is now. As an indigene of Esan, a tribe that has been historically marginalized and overlooked in governance since the era of the revered Prof Ambrose Alli, He is acutely aware of the challenges faced by his people. Our youths, the lifeblood of our state, have been scattered across the globe, forced to seek livelihoods far away from their homes due to the lack of opportunities and neglect by successive administrations.

The government house, once a beacon of hope, has devolved into a battleground for political godfathers, whose only agenda is to perpetuate their stranglehold on power while neglecting the needs of the masses. But he stands today as a beacon of hope, a symbol of change, and a voice for the voiceless.
He believes in the power of unity, resilience, and the unwavering spirit of the Edo people. Together, we can defy the odds and dismantle the entrenched structures of corruption and nepotism that have held our state hostage for far too long. My candidacy represents a clarion call to the youths of Edo State, both at home and in the diaspora, to rise up and reclaim their rightful place in shaping the destiny of our beloved state.
With a platform anchored on principles of inclusivity, transparency, and accountable governance, I am confident that we can defeat the political heavyweights and usher in a new era of progress and prosperity for all. Together, let us dare to dream of a brighter future, where every Edo citizen, regardless of tribe or background, can thrive and prosper. The time for change is now, and together, we shall emerge victorious!

Having identified in the past that the key towards growth for the Nigerian and Pan-African economy is via MSME thus he kick started the journey to grow over 1,000 MSMEs to becomes strong brands in a seminar tagged “OWN YOUR COMPANY AND BUILD TRANSGENERATIONAL WEALTH POST COVID SCHEME 1” which held Lagos, Dec 2021. This he extended to my home state, Edo State in 2022.
A core professional with proven success and vast experience in corporate governance, local and international networks and top management expertise, still leading and in boards of several companies both local and international, expert in business management,technical, conceptual and development of impact-driving problem-solving initiatives that have produced record high social direct impact overtime with well executed successful measurable plans.
He believes  “Life is truly a worthwhile adventure when lived for others. ”. Thus he has been driven, encouraged, challenged and guided by this thought since he was young and have taken part in several outreach programmes to help people in need within my community. It is a tremendous joyous feeling of fulfilment seeing the smiling, relieved faces or receiving a message saying thank you when he gets the opportunity to serve others either directly or through NGOs.

Thus being the President of EDO ARISE INITIATIVE, he championed the course to supply hybrid planting seedlings to over 3,000 farmers in an event tagged “ESAN AGRO INITIATIVE 2022” which held in remote communities across five local governments in Edo Central in April 2022 .

Over the past two years, he has spearheaded the training of more than 100 innovative young minds from various secondary schools on STEM,which enables them to build Robots and AI Technologies to improve human life . Their remarkable inventions promise to revolutionize the Nigerian Agrospace, Political, and Domestic sectors. These talented youngsters of schools like Topgrade School & Radiance International School, equipped with cutting-edge skills, have built Robotics capable of managing Elections & Voting processes, Waste Disposal, and Agricultural activities.

As a staunch advocate for youth empowerment and a proponent of MSME development for economic progress, in the past three years He has personally nurtured and guided over 105 young Entrepreneurs. These efforts have transformed them into successful business owners, reducing poverty and fostering job creation.

Additionally, to instigate a cultural revolution and stimulate mental decolonization, he championed the integration of Edo rich history and heritage into school curriculums. Encouraging the use and teaching of indigenous languages is pivotal in preserving our unique identity and nurturing a sense of cultural pride among the younger generation.He co-sponsored the production of a book,”TEACH YOURSELF ESAN” and shared same across several schools in Esan land.
In 2021, his focus shifted towards women's liberation and empowerment. Through initiatives such as "SAVE A GIRL," we provided skill acquisition programs and empowerment workshops, targeting to equip 5,000 young girls with valuable skills across Esan Communities. He also facilitated Makeup Artistry training, empowering young women to achieve self-reliance and independence.
Acknowledging the plight of water scarcity in our communities, he initiated borehole projects in several areas across Esan land. This endeavor commenced in his hometown of Emu, Ubiaja, Edo State, and expanded to other localities, addressing a crucial need for accessible clean water.

Through the Oberaifo Udoh Foundation, he has granted scholarships to numerous deserving students, notably in institutions like Ambrose Alli University Secondary School. Furthermore, he has extended STEM training to secondary schools in Edo State, nurturing our future leaders from a young age.
The Oberaifo Udoh Foundation and Edo Arise Initiative have partnered with Pan-African NGOs to combat Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in South Africa. This collective efforts aim to uphold women's rights, ensure gender equality, and eradicate this societal menace.
As we embark on this transformative journey together, he stands before you with unwavering dedication and a clear vision for our beloved state. It's time for a new era of progress, empathy, and opportunity.
Together, let’s put the Edo People in this HUMANITY FIRST themed campaign to build a brighter future for all Edo citizens.
Join Oberaifo Udoh on this path to prosperity and positive change. Together, we can make Edo State a beacon of growth, prosperity,  innovation, inclusivity, and excellence.

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