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“HUMANITY FIRST” is my watchword and in all I do, it has become my first principle of consideration. The act of Humanity makes a better person, better nation and better world.

Thus as a Humanist, I lean toward 9 of the Sustainable Development Goals(SDG)in line with the Africa Union`s Agenda 2063, viz; No Poverty, Good health and Well-being, Gender Equality, Decent Work and Economic growth, Industry, Innovation good health& Infrastructure, Reduced Inequalities, Climate Action, Sustainable Cities & Communities, Peace Justice and Strong Institutions.

“HUMANITY FIRST”, Oberaifo Udoh

Several remote communities in Africa are occupied by people living below the poverty line. More than one billion people have no access to safe drinking water. Two billion lack adequate sanitation. As a result, thousands of children die every day from diseases that could be prevented.

People living in these communities are isolated from the resources that urban dwellers have access to. Hence, their growth and development are stagnated.

Project ‘Restore Esan Language, History, and Culture

There is a rising need to awaken the sleeping giant - Africa. Western culture is gradually depleting the foundation of African culture. In partnership with several support groups, we have created awareness and reinstated the importance of restoring and preserving African history and culture.

We are writing to the government and sensitising the public through seminars, public events, and broadcasts/media. We have and are still visiting schools to promote this ideology. The more students know about their heritage, the more curious they will be to gain insight.

Mental Health Awareness

Mental health has been the most neglected aspect of human well-being for a long time, especially in Africa. This is the reason why suicide has drastically increased over the years. People go through many phases packed with various challenges in their lifetime which some can't handle alone.

As a passionate humanitarian, I chose to champion mental health awareness advocacy in both my personal and corporate spaces. I was appointed the Nigerian Zonal Coordinator of Fresh Start Hope Foundation, a mental health foundation in the UK to reach out to men, women, young and old in five Edo central-local government areas in Edo state.

I currently work with my partners in promoting mental health awareness in the workspace. Companies are encouraged to include mental health education and psychoeducation in the workplace. Paying due attention to the mental health of employees will improve workplace productivity and efficiency.

Oberaifo Udoh Foundation

Through my Non-Governmental Organization, we have assisted academically excellent students with scholarships in some communities, encouraging them to soar in their academics. I believe we can create more educational impact on students living in poor communities by arming them with the right knowledge and skills in academics, farming, health and finances.

In collaboration with other humanitarian groups, we have also given free healthcare services and medications to communities, especially in remote areas within Edo state. Foremost of this was the Scholarship given to the best male and female students in my alma mater, AAU Secondary School, during the "ESAN OYE" event in Ekpoma, Edo State Oct 2021.

Also, the disabled and aged individuals who are extremely vulnerable are provided with adequate support to make them more proactive and benefit fully from the values provided to the community.

Public Advocacy

As an opinion leader, Pan-Africanist, and Humanist, I constantly lend my voice to support the political growth and development of Nigeria and Africa. It is essential to sensitise people on their political rights as legal citizens of the nation by acquiring their PVC (Permanent Voters' Card) and voting for the right leader who will bring positive changes to the nation.

I also partner with several human rights groups and CSOs (Chief security officers) in Pretoria, South Africa to combat the occurring menace of sexual and gender-based violence in South Africa.

In the coming years, I hope to be able to touch more parts of Nigeria, Africa and Global Humanity as a whole.

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