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Issues Ahead Of Edo State Governorship Election - Oberaifo Udoh

Oberaifo Udoh, a face relatively new to Edo State politics, has emerged as the African Action Congress (AAC) candidate for Governor. Udoh brings a unique perspective to the race, with a background in entrepreneurship, tech, and digital transformation.

AAC Edo State Governorship Election

In a recent interview on Arise News' program "News Day," Udoh outlined his vision for Edo State, which he hopes to achieve through four key pillars:

  • Security, Peace, and Justice: Udoh emphasizes the importance of creating a safe and secure environment where citizens feel financially secure and trust the government.

  • A Green Economy: Udoh plans to focus on infrastructure development across all sectors, fostering a sustainable and eco-friendly Edo State.

  • Social Policies for a Just Society: Recognizing the plight of Edo State youth scattered around the world due to lack of opportunity, Udoh promises to create policies that encourage them to return and contribute to the state's development. He also highlights the importance of increased inclusion for women in governance.

  • Embracing the Digital Era: Udoh acknowledges the transformative power of technology and proposes to collaborate with young people to harness its potential for Edo State's progress. He sees the current challenges with Fintech and the Forex crisis as opportunities to embrace the digital revolution and work with stakeholders to find solutions.

Udoh's vision extends beyond the borders of Edo State. He intends to reach out to Edo indigenes residing in Germany, France, Italy, and Holland, seeking their support and collaboration in building a better future for the state.

This gubernatorial race promises to be an interesting one, with Udoh's fresh perspective challenging the established political giants. Whether his unique background and innovative ideas will resonate with the Edo State electorate remains to be seen. One thing is certain: Edo indigenes, both at home and abroad, will be closely following Udoh's campaign and his plans to move Edo State forward.

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