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AAC Has Formidable Governorship Candidates In Edo, Ondo -Chukwunyere

Updated: May 27

LAGOS – The African Action Congress (AAC) has said that it has formidable candidates in both Edo and Ondo States for the coming governorship elections in both states.

AAC Edo Governorship Candidate

Barrister Onyinye-Ghandi Chukwunyere, the party’s presidential spokesperson, who spoke to Sunday Independent on Saturday, identified the candidates as Comrade Udoh Oberaifo, for Edo and ComradeKunle Wizeman Ajayi, for Ondo State.

Barrister Chukwunyere, who spoke on behalf the party’s leader and 2023 presidential candidate, Comrade Omoyele Sowore, described Oberaifo, as a dedicated and compassionate Nigerian with the competence and commitment to re-write the story of bad governance in Edo State.

According to Chukwunyere: “Oberaifo is the only candidate with sound programmes specifically designed to tackle poverty, insecurity, poor infrastructure, corruption, and underdevelopment in Edo State.

“The other candidates are either careerist politicians or aspiring looters who could not be bothered about the rot in the state.

“The AAC and Dr Udoh Oberaifo are running a dynamic and energetic campaign. He has been to several media outlets within and outside Edo State to explain his programmes to the electorate.

“Moreover, our party has a vibrant structure and massive grassroots support in the state. If the process is free and fair, I can bet you that the contest will not even be close. The AAC will win by a landslide.

“To get a sense of what I’m saying, go to Edo State and put your ears on the ground. The people know their candidate, and their votes in a truly democratic space would reflect that.”

On Ondo, the AAC presidential spokesperson described his party’s candidate, Comrade Ajayi as a dogged fighter for the welfare of the Nigerian people.

He said: "Anywhere workers’ rights are in issue, you will find Wizeman at the barricade. I also know him personally, given that we’re both products of the revolutionary tradition of the Great Ife Students’ Union."

“He earned the party’s nomination and offers the good people of Ondo State a breath of fresh air from the suffocating politics of mediocrity and corruption imposed on the state by successive administrations of the PDP, the Labour Party, and the APC.

“The AAC’s governorship candidates are taking to the state level, the national developmental blueprint that we offered to Nigerians in 2023.

“Armed with that blueprint, Comrade Wizeman stands above all other candidates in that contest. And his campaign has been positively aggressive.

“If INEC creates a level playing field, we expect an easy victory for our party in Ondo. Keep in mind that the people of Ondo State are still nursing the gross abuse they suffered under the locust years of these other parties. They’ll vent their righteous anger at the polls.”

Continuing, Chukwunyere stated: “The AAC is the most democratically run political party in the country. Our state executives exercise a tremendous amount of discretion in the conduct of statewide campaigns.

“If you followed the LG election campaigns in Oyo State, you would have noticed the robust engagement style of our party chairman and other executives in the state.

“That said, the national leadership of the party provides the necessary support for our candidates at the state level to succeed.

“As the campaigns progress, we will deploy both human and other resources to the states to reinforce the incredible campaign efforts already being made by the state executives and the candidates.”


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