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#Street2Street Campaign Flagged Off for Oberaifo Udoh in Benin City

Benin City, Edo State – May 24th was a day of celebration and excitement as members of the African Action Congress (AAC) gathered to welcome the National Chairman of the party, Omoyele Sowore (@yelesho), for the official flag-off of the #Street2Street campaign. The event marked the beginning of the gubernatorial campaign for Oberaifo Udoh, the AAC candidate for Governor of Edo State.

Campaign Flagged Off for Oberaifo Udoh in Benin City

The atmosphere was electric as party supporters and well-wishers gathered to show their support for Oberaifo Udoh, who has been hailed as a symbol of hope and a new beginning for the people of Edo. His candidacy represents a future filled with limitless opportunities for all.

Oberaifo Udoh, known for his exemplary leadership, youthfulness, energy, health, and compassion, addressed the crowd with a message of optimism and determination. He emphasized his unwavering commitment to building a better community, highlighting that his vision is not just a dream but a clear mission to transform Edo State from mediocrity to excellence.

#Street2Street Campaign
"Our goal is to create a new Edo where every citizen has the opportunity to thrive," Oberaifo stated. "With the support of the African Action Congress, we can achieve great things and bring about the positive change that our state desperately needs."

The #Street2Street campaign aims to connect with the people of Edo State on a grassroots level, ensuring that their voices are heard and their needs addressed. It signifies the party's dedication to inclusivity and direct engagement with the electorate.

The National Chairman, Omoyele Sowore, echoed Oberaifo's sentiments and praised the candidate's dedication and vision. "Oberaifo is not just a candidate; he is a beacon of hope for Edo State," Sowore said. "His leadership will usher in an era of progress and prosperity for our people."

The event concluded with a renewed sense of purpose among AAC members and supporters, as they pledged their unwavering support for Oberaifo Udoh and the campaign ahead. With the slogan "A New Edo is Possible," the AAC is poised to bring about transformative change under Oberaifo's leadership.

Oberaifo Udoh in Benin City

As the campaign progresses, the #Street2Street initiative will continue to mobilize and inspire the people of Edo State, ensuring that their collective aspirations for a better future are realized. The AAC's commitment to creating a new and improved Edo remains steadfast, and the journey towards that goal has just begun.

For more updates on the #Street2Street campaign and Oberaifo Udoh's vision for Edo State, stay tuned to

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